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Facts About Corbett National Park

Year of establishment 8th august 1936
Area in sq km 1288.32sq km
Corbett national park 0520.82sq km
Sonanadi wildlife sanctuary 0301.32sq km
Reserve forest 0466.32sq km
Declared Corbett Tiger Reserve 1st April 1973


Rivers flowing: Ramganga, Sonanadi, Mandal, Plain.

Altitude: 400 to 1200 mts.

Rainfall & Temperature: 1400 mm. to 2800 mm. / 4.0 to 42.0 C

Wild animals seen: Tiger, Leopard, Jungle Cat, Leopard Cat, Elephant, Sambar Deer, Spotted Deer, Hog Deer, Barking Deer, Goral, Blue Bull, Wild Boar, Sloth Bear, Himalayan Bear, Civet Cat, Marten, Otter, Mongoose, Hare etc.

Birds life: More than 600 species of resident and migratory birds.

Water life: Mugger, Crocodile, Gharial, Mahseer, Goonch, Trout, Rohu, outer etc.

Reptiles: Monitor Lizard, Python, King Cobra etc.

Vegetation: 110 species of trees, 51 of shrubs, 27 climbers, 37 grass & bamboos etc.