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Elephant Safari

Experience an old royal tradition an elephant safari is an extraordinary and exhilarating wild journey. In ancient time there were two ways of journey by elephant back and by horseback. Elephants were mostly used by kings so it is called a royal journey.

Elephant safari gives no pollution and maintains silent safari which is a good opportunity to see animals and birding elephant safari gives you the perfect eyes exercise while you look for the wildlife view and your full body muscles comes into act while elephant moves.

By the cackling of the monkeys from the top of the tree indicates the presence of big cat.

The best way to see animals is on elephant back, as elephant safari allows you to reach close to the wildness without scaring the animal away. Elephant safari in Corbett national park will definitely be an unforgettable experience for you. The timing of wildlife safari in Corbett national park is like any other wildlife sanctuary and national park in India. Timings for entry into the park and exit from the park totally depend on the season. If it's winter, entry is late and exit is early.

Corbett is considered as the most picturesque national park of India. Chances are fat that during elephant safari in Corbett national park you spot a tiger. For adventure seeker, nature lover and wildlife enthusiasts, the Corbett elephant safari is superb. Elephant safari in Corbett national park takes you through mystical thick forests, deep valleys and the rugged trails that provide adventure seeker with an extraordinary experience and a lingering thrill.