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Adventure Activities in Corbett Parks

River Crossing

Let us imagine there is no way but a business person that has to sell their product at the market. They must travel quite some distance to reach the market, a journey that involves crossing a river by means of a rickety rope bridge. The burden they carries is heavy, the crossing of the river from one corner to other. Treacherous. Indeed, there is no certainty that they will find buyers for her produce. Yet, the hope of profit is what sustains them as they make this trip to the market. In the final analysis however, all their hopes and aspirations for profit may be realized only if they successfully crosses the bridge. Slowly this activity has turned into adventure sports. The challenge of crossing the river, getting the whole team safely across the river makes it an amazing team experience.


Rappelling is essentially sliding down the rope in a controlled manner from a particular height. When you want to descent there are basically two options: you can walk or climb down, or you can rappel. But when the terrain becomes too difficult rappelling is the faster, easier and safer solution.

Slithering / Bridge Fall

Slithering is evolving into a popular sport. This is exciting water activity. Bridge slithering is a sport which involves descending down from a bridge using a rope and harness. In this activity you have to come down and dipped in the white flowing water. We advise you to carry an extra casual to perform this activity. United-21 Wildlife Resort Corbett’s guide and expert are there to support you throughout the event, making this activity safe and easy for first timers. The minimum age of participants for bridge +slithering is 10 years.

Zip Wire Filmy Stunt

Flying fox voted the most exhilarating of our activities! Zip wire is ideal for those of you looking for an adrenalin rush. The thrill of achievement is powerful, increasing confidence and personal achievement through conquering fears of heights or speed. Safety harnesses & helmets are provided.